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    • Why I am bored with Destiny: glory, for glory’s sake

      What you are about to read is part of a Google Hangout chat that a bunch of the Tech Geek Gamers crew and friends have going. Friend of the show arnexmandell shared his thoughts on the......

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    • Geekery This Week

      Just when I think my previous post had the new Tech, Geek and Gamer news, a bunch of new things decide to happen. Sweet. Blizzard breaks silence on Nostalrius shutdown For weeks we have been......

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    • Updates, news and stuff

      Time again for the latest in Tech, Geek, and Gamer news that has piqued our interest of late. Stop it, Hollywood… …just…stop. Sony Pictures announced they were going to make a feature film about Emojis-those......

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    • March Loot Crate: VERSUS

      Loot Crate: a monthly subscription for gamers and geeks, where the like-minded people at Loot Crate pick a handful of funky items and Tetris-style them into a small black box, then ship them out near the......

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