Our Story

It was after wiping for the thirteenth time in the Eye of Eternity when someone said “Maybe we should do something more productive with our time?” And so Tech Geek Gamers was born. World of Warcraft accounts were sold (shhh….don’t tell Blizzard) and part of the proceeds went into starting out what was originally going to be called “Save and Quit”. What started out as three friends sitting around talking about video games has evolved into a variety of segments about technology, video games and anything from geek culture.

Along the way we’ve discovered that “couch friends are your best friends”.

We grew up during a time when video games were way more difficult, the Internet was accessed through a phone line and Han shot first. Now we are your typical 30-something year olds (some of us are younger) with really high standards when it comes to video games, a desire for the latest and greatest technology and are not afraid of telling the world we play Dungeons and Dragons in our own basements. We are geeks and damn proud of it!

In addition to the show, Tech Geek Gamers has expanded into a collaborative effort of many “couch friends” blogging about the other tech, geek and gamer things that we don’t get a chance to talk about on the show. This is where you gain access to inner workings our minds, if you dare to enter.

How we got into gaming